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FAQs about Open Source Contract Management Software

Some programmers, and businesses, choose to make the source code of a computer program available on the Internet so that others can inspect, modify, and use it for free. This is often called Open Source (next OpS).

What Is “Open Source” Software?

Open source is equipped with a license that specifies the freedom and usage rights that come with the software. The GNU General Public License (GPL) is the most widely used open-source license, but there are a number of different licenses with slight variations in usage rights. Many software companies create their own custom open licenses.

Open source refers to software that is distributed provided that the source code is available to users. This means that the user gets an insight into how the software works, and consequently can correct errors and make improvements.

The user can be a company, individual or paid software developer who can tailor the software to their use. The enhanced software can be shared back to the public, as the principle of open source code is that fixes and improvements should be brought back to the community (the “ecosystem”) and be available to all users. This is a method that enables programs distributed as open-source faster to achieve high quality, for the benefit of all.

Other benefits of open source can be less software costs, increased security and stability, protection of privacy and users have more freedom to control the hardware compared to if you have a purchased application.

Open-source software\software and codes have a huge impact on the world community, and have helped users who do not have the money to buy commercial versions of software that usually have a high price or require expensive membership.

Examples of some large, successful open source projects are the Linux operating system, the Apache Web Server, a web browser such as Firefox and the WordPress publishing system (CMS) and the MySQL relational database.

Many of the most relevant companies in the world have open source code to take advantage of socially driven development, some examples: Facebook, Spotify and Netflix.

The Java programming language is also built on open source code, except for a small portion of the code that Sun did not own.

Is OpS Free?

No open source does not mean free. OpS really means that it works on all operating systems. You can get many open source software or tools called as free, but they are almost trial versions and many features are disabled in them.

Can I Prevent “Villains” From Using My Program?

No The OpS definition states that open source licenses must not discriminate against any individual or group. To give freedom to all means to give freedom to the wicked.

What Is Copy Again? Is It The Same?

“Copyleft” refers to licenses that permit derivative works, but require them to use the same license as the original work. That’s what is it!

Is It License Even If It Is Not Listed on Your Website?

There is one answer to this question. Generally no. We put all licenses through an approval process to provide an accepted standard where licenses are open source and we show those that have been approved. Be wary of the supposed OpSnature of licenses that haven’t gone through the process. Also check out the licensing page to see why this is so important.

What Is a “Permitted” OpS License?

A “permitted” license is simply an open-source, non-copyleft license.